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Winterizing Your Home

As we are officially reaching the winter months, it is very important to begin making small repairs and preparations necessary for ensuring your family is safe and warm during the winter season. Today, Prorestore DKI would like to share a few ideas to help you in this endeavour. Remember that it is better to take care of any repairs and to prepare now, so as not to have problems later when it’s cold out there!

Keeping Warm

Be sure you take the time to get a quick maintenance check on your heating unit, taking time to replace the filter if necessary. Check that all is in working order before you absolutely need it and discover a problem.

Your fireplace might be a valuable way to keep your home warm this winter. To make sure it is in proper working order, check around the chimney to ensure there are no damages or missing bricks. Either clean the flue yourself or hire someone. Make sure there is no blockage that will prevent smoke from going up and out of your home.

Another suggestion is to reverse your ceiling fans. They should then be going in a clockwise motion. The idea here is that the fans will now push hot air from the ceiling and redistribute it throughout the room.

Check around the home and fix drafts with weatherstripping around the doors and caulk around the windows. Doing this now will help your home stay warmer throughout the winter.


Before the first big snow comes, take time to cover your outside faucets and pipes exposed to outside weather, with an insulated protection. This way, you’ll be less likely to have freezing pipes!

When it comes to snow, be sure to avoid snow buildup on the roof. Remember that if snow falls-from the roof-quickly, it can cause significant damage to your home, car, or power lines.

On the same note, watch out for icicles. Sure they are beautiful, but that can be rather dangers, so avoid working under them. Likewise, remember that their presence could indicate a water drainage problem and you may want to check your gutters.

We know that there are so many things to do before the holiday season, but remembering to winterizing your home can help to ensure a much more tranquil season for you and your family, without home repairs perhaps. If you are to discover damage too large to fix, or experience a home related disaster, remember our guide on how to stay calm in an emergency and that Prorestore DKI is here to help. For property restoration in Grimes. Give us a call, (888) 846-6505.