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What Should an Emergency Kit Include

Natural disasters are most of the times unexpected and could have some unpleasant consequences. That’s why the authorities recommend us to be prepared and have emergency kits ready. But do we know exactly what they should contain? What are the essential items for any emergency?

Remember that the rush during an evacuation won’t give you enough time to pack all the basic articles you need. That’s why here at DKI Pro Restore in Grimes we made a quick guide of the things you will need in case you have to leave your home during a disaster.

Basic Things To Know

Remember that in case you need to be evacuated you will be away from your home for at least 72 hours or until it’s safe to return. That´s why you will need to pack your important items in an accessible and easy to carry bag.

Food & Water

Make sure to pack food that won’t spoil, like canned and dried foods and don’t forget a can opener. Another important thing is to include bottled water, like we said before you may be away for 3 days so make sure to have at least 3 gallons of water per person.


A seven day supply of medications is recommended specially if you need prescription for them. Baby formula and supplies and if you have a pet make sure to include some food for it too!

Other Items

Some other things you will be needing are a battery powered radio, batteries, a flashlight, a change of clothes, copies of personal identifications and hygiene items.

If You Have Time…

You can pack an extra bag with irreplaceable items, computer information, cell phone charger and other values.

As you can see there are many things you will need in case of an evacuation. But remember that your safety is the most important thing! Don’t risk your life for things that can be replaceable.

And for those eventualities the DKI Pro Restore team is ready! If you are looking for damage restoration in Iowa please call 1.888.845.6505. We have a great team trained to deal with any disaster related emergency!