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What are Iowa’s Natural Disaster Risks?

Springtime in the state of Iowa is when the risk of flooding and severe weather increases and can get worse during the winter. Severe weather pummeled the state in June and July of 2014. Governor Branstad issued state disaster proclamations for 68 counties as a result of three separate weather events. The crew here at ProRestore DKI in Grimes, Iowa would like to take this opportunity to alert you to some of the natural disaster risks that are possible in our state of Iowa.


Floods are one of the most common hazards in the United States, and are most prominent in Iowa. However, not all floods are the same. Some floods develop slowly, sometimes over a period of days. But flash floods can come about very quickly, sometimes in a matter of minutes and without any visible signs of rain. Flash floods often have a dangerous wall of roaring water that carries rocks, mud and other debris and can sweep away almost anything in its path. Overland flooding occurs outside a defined river or stream, such as when a levee is breached, but can still be very destructive. Flooding can also occur when a dam breaks, producing effects similar to flash floods, such as the Lake Delhi Dam in Delaware County, Iowa, did in July 2010.


Severe thunderstorms visit Iowa frequently every year. On average, Iowa sees hundreds of severe thunderstorms and thousands of non-severe thunderstorms. By definition, a severe or supercell thunderstorm contains hail that is one inch in diameter or larger, straight line winds that are 58 mph or stronger and/or a tornado. The National Weather Service issues severe thunderstorm and tornado watches and warnings for severe thunderstorms each year.


When a tornado is coming, you don’t have much time to make life-or-death decisions. Advance planning and quick response are the keys to surviving a tornado. Tornadoes generally occur near the trailing edge of a thunderstorm. Rain-wrapped tornadoes are especially dangerous. They are common with supercell thunderstorms, which  frequently occur in Iowa.

Restoration & Remodeling in Grimes

Being prepared for a natural disaster is very important to surviving one. However, if one should occur and you need emergency restoration assistance, ProRestore DKI is a full-service cleaning, restoration and remodeling company, and we are here to help. Call our 24-Hour Emergency Response Line at (888) 846-6505 or our office at (515) 986-1333.