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The Hazards Of Mold In Houses

Often overlooked, mold is a big problem that can affect your home. After a flood or hurricane, or even after heavy rain, mold can begin growing in corners or humid spaces of your property.

At Prorestore DKI, we believe it is important to prevent. Here are some of the reasons why mold can be dangerous.


– Runny nose

– Red eyes/Itchy eyes

– Respiratory problems

– Cough/Sneezing

Children, when exposed to certain types of mold, may develop respiratory issues. In general, damp indoor environments can cause upper respiratory tract problems.

In some cases, fungal infections can develop inside the body. These are serious infections that should be treated immediately. On the most extreme situations, it can lead to cancer.

What to do

It is important to clean and dehumidify every affected area. At Prorestore DKI, we monitor the dehumidification process to make sure that moisture deep within walls and floors is completely dry.

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Remember to periodically check for leaks under your sink. Look for discolored or warped materials, mold or cracked caulk. Washing machine hoses can also be a problem. Make sure vents are not clogged and free of leaves, twigs, etc.

Don’t forget that Prorestore DKI is a company that specializes in restoring properties and contents that were damage during a disaster. Our team of experts is qualified to handle of kinds of emergencies. Think about us, next time you are looking for property restoration in Grimes.

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