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The Great Flood of 1993

The Mississippi River starts in Minnesota and it crosses the country to its mouth in the Gulf of Mexico, which makes it the fourth longest river in the world.

Floods are not a new thing in the midwest, there was a great flood back in 1951 which ended up with the construction of dikes to protect the cities from floodings. But nature has its way to show us how destructive can be and sometimes we can’t do anything about it and that’s what happened with the Great Flood of 1993.

That’s why here at DKI Pro Restore we made a small article to show you what occurred in what’s considered the most expensive and devastating flood in the history of The United States.

How It Started

It all started with a rainy autumn in 1992, which ended up with soil moisture and the reservoir levels to the top. This set the starting point to the flood.

During spring and summer of 1993 unusual heavy rains inundated the upper midwest with over 4 feet of of rain, which is over 300% of the usual average. By June the dikes were overtopped and some of them started to break.

Damages & Human Losses

The most damaged states were Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois and Missouri which could be translated mostly in crop and property damage leaving over 15 billion in damages and unfortunately 50 people died.

In Iowa, the Des Moines River disabilitated a water plant leaving over 200,00 people without a source of drinking water.

Sadly a disaster of this magnitude can never be foreseen, of course we could be prepared but sometimes there isn’t much we can do to protect our home.

What we can do is restore and what better than calling the pros? The DKI Pro Restore team can handle any disaster related emergency, if you are looking for water damage restoration in Iowa give us a call at our emergency response line 1.888.845.6505 where we will be glad to help you through those difficult times!