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Steps to Correctly Check the Smoke Detectors in Your Home!

Smoke detectors can be life savers in case of an emergency. They’re a great way to alert you and your family in case a fires starts at your home, and it gives you time to get out safely. But, like anything else, they can stop working!

To ensure that they’ll respond correctly in case there’s smoke in your home, they need constant checkups. The good thing is that they’re really easy to do! So, if you’d like to know how to perform these routine tests, ProRestore DKI (which provides expert property restoration in Grimes) will tell you how!

How to Check a Smoke Detector Yourself

Get Everyone Involved!

Your family should also be in on this! They need to be aware of how smoke detectors work, how they sound, and how to tell if they’re still in the right condition. And, they can also help you determine the range of the alarm.

Press the Button

Most smoke detectors have a button with which you can check if the alarm still works. To test that it does, just press it and listen intently. Again, you may want the help of a family member to know the distance at which it can be heard.

Get a Tester and Test It!

For this one, you’ll need to get a tester to check that the sensor is still working. Smoke detectors testers are cans that contain a substance similar to smoke. Place the can under a detector and spray it for a second. If the smoke detector starts beeping, then you’re good to go.

Change the Batteries and Try Again

If neither of these tests work, then check if your batteries are the problem! Replace them in your smoke alarm (assuming it uses batteries), and once you do, run the tests again to ensure that its functioning properly.

Do it For Each One!

Once you’re done with one, it’s time to tour the rest of your home and do the exact same thing for each one of your smoke detectors! If one isn’t working, you’ll need to have an expert check it out so your whole house can be alerted in case of a fire.

Set a Monthly Reminder!

It’s commonly advised that you do these test on the smoke detectors around your home at least once a month so you and your family can be safe. If you think you may forget, set a monthly alarm on your phone that reminds you when it’s time to do it again!