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Stay Safe During a Flood

Iowa stands right in the middle west part of the country and among some of its particularities we can find that it’s bordered by the Mississippi River on the east and by the Missouri river on the west. This creates the perfect environment for agriculture. No wonder why it’s the heart of the so called “corn belt”.

Unfortunately, its location also makes Iowa a perfect target for harsh weather. That’s why during the past 20 years there have been 34 presidentially declared disasters, the most recent were in the summer of 2013.

Most of these of conditions had to do with heavy rain and floods. That’s why here at the DKI Prorestore, we have created a quick list of what to do before, during and after a flood to stay safe.


One of the most important things is to be updated of what is happening and the best way to do it is through radio, turn off the gas valve and shut down the electricity, keep important documents close and prepare for possible evacuation.


The radio is your number one source of information! It will keep you updated about which roads are open and where to go if you need to be evacuated. Keep an emergency kit close to you, it should include: water, canned food, battery powered radio and flashlight, prescription medications, money and important documents.


Don’t return your home unless the authorities say it safe to do so, stay away from flood waters they could be contaminated or electrically charged and if it’s possible record the damage of your property to contact your insurance company.

Nature is a powerful force that sometimes reminds us how ruthless it can be, that’s why It’s better to be prepared for any eventuality. If your property was affected by a flood and you are looking for water damage restoration, here at DKI ProRestore we have the latest technologies and highly skilled professionals to help you during those difficult times.