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Protecting Your Home From Winter

Each season has its particularities that distinguishes from the others and that’s what makes the whole year exciting.

For many, winter is that wonderful season when the cold weather invites everybody to take shelter in their homes and spend time with their loved ones. Also, snow gives the opportunity to do some amazing outdoor activities.

Unfortunately, things can go wrong and ice and snowstorms could make conditions tough for everyone and we know how extreme the weather in Iowa can be. Just in 2013 a depth of 11 inches of snow fell, breaking a record for May that had been standing since 1947.

Sometimes snow could damage our properties, that’s why here at DKI ProRestore in Grimes, Iowa we’ve created a few tips to protect your house during any cold weather.

Structural Damage

One of the most common problems is the accumulation of snow on roofs, that makes it exceed their load capacity and could lead to its collapse. One of the first things you have to look for it the slope of your roof, the lower it is the more exposition it will have towards ice build up.

It is important to pay attention if any ice load signal and have an immediate response. A snow rake could be the first step, but hiring a snow removal contractor is a safer choice.

Frozen Pipes

The low temperatures can freeze the pipes and they will burst creating water damage in your property.

First of all, make sure every exposed pipe is properly insulated; heat tape is a great option! Also, if the local weather forecasts extreme cold weather, make sure to open your taps to keep the running.

Winter and its harsh weather could be serious business. If you are looking for snow damage restoration in Iowa, here at DKI ProRestore we will be more than happy to help you through those difficult times.