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Pets In Emergencies

When an emergency happens, there is already so much to take into consideration. You will first, of course, want to ensure that your family is safe. For many of us, a part of that family is a family pet. It can be difficult to care for pets when a disaster happens, especially when that disaster affects more than just your family, and is neighborhood or town-wide. If you find yourself in an evacuation after a disaster, Prorestore DKI in Grimes would like to give you a few ways you can help keep your pet safe. You may also wish to check out our winter safety kit preparation tips for those winter emergencies.

First, you’ll want to know the resources available to you through your community. Prepare a list of pet friendly hotels in the area, and of veterinary clinics and/or pet hotels that will be willing to take in pets after emergencies. You can also think about out of town family/friends who’d be willing to watch your pet for a while.

Next, you’ll want to prepare an emergency kit just for your pet. You’ll include here, a pet bed, some toys, food, any medical information for your animal, a leash, and an animal carrier.

If you’re in the process of evacuating, attempt to call ahead and ensure that the location you’ve decided upon for your animal is still available.

When you take your pet outside ensure that it is in a carrier or at the least on a leash. Remember that those familiar sights, sounds, and smells your animal is used to, could have been altered significantly in the disaster. This may cause a generally passive animal to become scared, confused and aggressive.

If you run out of options and know the shelter you’ll be going to does not allow animal access, you can leave your animal in an interior room of your home, with enough food and water for at least three days. This is worst case scenario, of course, but an option should you need it.

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