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How to Soften Your Water

DIY Water Softening Guide

While hard water has not been proven to be harmful to your health, its high mineral content can have other adverse effects. They can clog your drains, stain your tiles and glass, leave behind residue on your skin, and make it more difficult to clean with soap. Colorado is heavily affected by hard water, and here are some ways you can soften it.

Boil Your Water

Boil your water for a few minutes and let it cool. The mineral deposits will settle on the surface and you can scoop them out. If you let the water sit for longer, the minerals will fall to the bottom of the pot and you can scoop out the water instead.

For Cleaning Purposes

You can add borax, ammonia, lye, or washing soda to the water just before using it to clean. Doing so will help the water interact with the soap, creating more suds and helping the soap or detergent do its job. Mix 1/4 of a tablespoon of lye into one cup of water. Use this solution with one gallon of water. Or you can mix one pound of washing soda into a quart of boiling water. Let it cool and store it in a bottle. When cleaning, use two tablespoons for every gallon of water.

Use Filters

Put filters on your sink faucets and drink out of filtered pitchers. This is probably the easiest method for protecting against hard water. Just be sure to change the filters regularly.

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