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How To Prevent Home Fires

Home fires are a dreadful experience, that not only cost billions of dollars in property damage. But they also ended the lives of thousands of civilians. According to the National Fire Association, only last year seven people died in a fire everyday.

Fortunately, there are a lot of things you can do to prevent this major mishap. That’s why at ProRestore DKI in Grimes, we have some safety tips that will help you and your family to prevent this terrible accident.

Here’s how you can avoid a home fire:


Our kitchen is one of the most prone places to start a fire. Only in Iowa it’s the number one cause of fire in a house with 31%. If you are cooking never leave your frying or boiling food unattended; and remember to avoid long loose sleeves while you are preparing something.


In the United States 25% of home fire deaths start in the bedroom. If you really have to smoke go outside, don’t do it on your bed. Also, make sure that the cigarette is out before you dispose it.


Under the right circumstances candles can give a romantic touch to your evening. Just remember to place them in steady candle holders, and don’t let it burn all the way down. Don’t forget to blow them before you go to sleep.

Smoke Alarms

The statistics don’t lie, and 60% of the houses where there was a fire death, had no smoke alarms. Install them in each room and your kitchen; and remember to interconnect them, that way if one is triggered the other ones will sound too. Don’t forget to test them at least every month!

Forewarned is forearmed, and in this case every little precaution counts! Make sure to follow these simple tips that could prevent a larger tragedy.

Remember that at ProRestore DKI, our highly qualified team is ready to deal with any fire related damage. We are experts in giving to your home its original pre-loss condition. So if you are looking fire and smoke restoration in Grimes, please call (888) 846-6505.