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How to Prepare your Home for the Rainy Season

Weather hasn’t been the best lately: thunderstorms and partly sunny days seem to be the only option. These atmospheric conditions are no stranger to the people of Iowa. The big question is if your house is ready to welcome the rainy season.

At Prorestore DKI in Grimes, we want that your property stays in great conditions during this time of year. That’s why we tell you a few tips to keep that water out of your home.


The first area you should inspect is your roof. Use a ladder to look for cracks or missing shingles. Try to do this during a sunny day. Rain can make any surface slippery and that could represent a safety threat. Remember that a damaged roof can translate into leaks in your home.


You definitely want to keep water away from your roof, and a way to achieve it is removing debris from your gutters. Again, your safety is very important. Place your ladder on a sturdy place and be very careful while you are up there. Don’t forget to also check that the downspouts are draining properly.

Doors & Windows

Check that your doors and windows don’t have any cracks that allow water seep into you home. If so, caulk them and check them frequently in case they need maintenance.


If you have a garden with big trees, you should considering pruning it. Remember that branches can fall on your property damaging your driveway, windows and roof.

These simple tips will help to keep you home safe during this rainy season. You should always be prepared for any potential disaster, please remember this guide to stay safe during a flood.

Don’t forget that Prorestore DKI is a company that specializes in restoring properties and contents that were damage during a disaster. Our team of experts is qualified to handle of kinds of emergencies. Think about us, next time you are looking for property restoration in Grimes.

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