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How to Handle a House Fire: Food and Kitchen

Salvaging Your Valuables After a Fire: Food & Kitchen Items

Fire damage to your home or apartment can be devastating. While it’s easy to become discouraged about salvaging your personal items, many household items can be saved. Disaster Kleenup Grimes, IA would like to help you get started in your kitchen even before the clean up crew comes by following these simple steps:

Check for Odors

Throw away any food that has a strange odor, as this may be a sign of exposure to chemicals. While any canned goods that are dented or rusted will need to be disposed of, you can give the rest of them a nice wash with soap and water. Open your refrigerator and give it a nice long whiff. If there is a strange odor, throw away any food inside to avoid ingesting any items that have been exposed to chemicals. You can remove any chemical odors from your refrigerator with a good wash of baking soda and water.

Is it Still Frozen?

Keep your freezer closed even if it has stopped running, as the insulation can still keep food frozen for a couple of days. Once you do open it, check to see if any items have completely thawed. If there are ice crystals on vegetables or meat, they can be saved and refrozen. Remove any chemical odors with hot water, soap and baking soda.

Give Dishes a Good Wash

Soak dishes in water with a bit of bleach for at least an hour before washing them in the dishwasher, or hand-washing them in hot water with soap. This will help remove any chemicals that may still be on your dishes. Give pots, pans and cutlery and good wash with soap and hot water. Anything copper or brass can be polished with some salt and lemon juice, both cleaning and removing any chemical odors.

Property Restoration in Grimes

Putting your house back together after a fire can be exhausting! If you need fire damage restoration in Grimes, call Disaster Kleenup Grimes, IA today at 888 846 6505.