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How to Clean your Gutters

If you look out the window, you will probably see gray clouds announcing strong chances of rain. Iowa is known for many great things, unfortunately the weather isn’t one of them. Although we may be used to these atmospheric conditions, our homes aren’t; time and other external factors can damage our properties. That´s why, it´s important to be prepared for any eventuality.

At ProRestore DKI in Grimes, we already told you how to prepare your home for the rainy season and one of the things that requires extra attention are your gutters. If you don’t know how to clean them, the following post may interest you.


Before you climb the ladder, make sure that it´s in a sturdy place. Wear comfortable clothes and slip resistant shoes. Above all, you should feel secure up there; even though you are only a few feet from the ground, this could make some people anxious – if so, you should hire someone to help you.


When you are up there, make sure to bring two buckets: one for your tools and one for the debris, you can fasten them to your ladder with wire hooks. Put your working gloves on and start removing debris, dead leaves and clean the downspout strainers. Use your trowel to remove smaller debris.

Use your Hose

Now that most debris is gone, use your hose to wash out any remains. It’s also a good opportunity to check that your downspouts are draining properly.


It’s possible that you find clogs in your downspouts; remove the detachable end of your downspout and use your hose at full pressure to clear it. It’s that easy!

This simple maintenance will keep the rain out of your home! Remember to clean your gutters twice a year before spring and fall, otherwise you will have to deal with water damage in your property.

Taking care of your home is the perfect way to prevent damage, yet emergencies can happen. During those occasions, you will need a responsive and effective team to handle your situation – that’s exactly what ProRestore DKI in Grimes will provide you!

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