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Electrical Safety in the Home

Keeping an Electrically Safe Home

When it come to fires in your home, people can often forget that most of these fires are easily prevented. If protecting your home from fire damage is important to you, then read on. In this post, Disaster Kleenup Grimes, IAhas some easy to implement ideas to minimize the risk of fire in your home.

Check the Condition of Your Wiring

Take some time to check the condition of the electrical items in your home. In particular, pay close attention to any damage to the power cables. If any cables or wires have become frayed – discard them immediately or having them serviced only by an electrical professional. If you find that you utilize a large number of power strips, consider installing additional full powered power sockets throughout the often used areas in your home.

Safely Using Heaters in Your Home

When the time comes, be sure to use any electrical heaters safely and responsibly. Check the owner’s manual for any heating appliances and follow any and all safety instructions. A a general rule, keep anything flammable at least 3 feet away from electrical heating equipment such as warm heaters or stoves. Prior to going to sleep, move a portable heater into your bedroom to take the chill off the air. Be sure to turn it off prior to going to sleep – never leave an electrical heater on attended. For additional peace of mind, check and replace the batteries in your smoke detectors to alert you of any dangers and minimize fire damage and the need for damage restoration in city.

Property Restoration in Des Moines, IA

If your home has sustained fire of property damage, speak with a professional immediately at Disaster Kleenup Grimes, IA on 888 846 6505 and have them assess your property. Company name in city can utilize their years of experience to ensure a seamless property restoration.