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Effectively Suppressing a Small House Fire

1.First, react quickly and assess the situation. Realize if this is something you can deal with or if you need a professional team to put the fire out (if it’s the latter, call the emergency responders and get out of the house as soon as possible).

2.If you’re acting on it, you should take some safety precautions first. For example, shut off the gas supply, remove any flammable objects near the flame, and unplug any appliances closeby as well.

3.Now, in order to put out the fire effectively you need to employ the required method for it. The most common options are as follows:

– Use water if the fire is NOT electrical or oil/gasoline related, as this can only worsen the situation. Likewise, use abundant water to suppress the flames.

– A large enough, thick blanket that can cover the fire entirely will help suffocate the flames by cutting their air supply.

– Your best bet is to use fire extinguisher. Just make sure to read the instructions thoroughly first and to learn any precautions you should follow when you use it.

4.Once you’re completely certain that the fire has been put out, make sure to open any windows and doors, and to turn on any fans to allow air circulation through the room and help the smoke fade away.

5.Lastly, you’ll just have to deal with the aftermath. Have a professional team come and restore your home and belongings. Likewise, make sure that whatever caused the fire doesn’t happen again.

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