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Easy Steps to Temporarily Fix a Leaky Water Pipe

To discover a leak at home can be a huge hassle. It gets your things wet, wastes water, and creates inconveniences. Not only that, but if it’s been going on for a while, it can cause some serious damage in your house’s structure!

Luckily, ProRestore DKI in Grimes has a simple guideline on how to do a temporary restoration. This way, you can repair the faulty pipe while you wait for a professional team to take care of it completely.

How to Temporarily Fix a Leaking Pipe

Act Fast

The moment you notice the leak, you should get a bucket or other container. Place it directly under the water spill to keep it from potentially ruining your floor, furniture, etc.

Shut It Down

Then, identify the exact origin of the leak. Once you have it, make sure to avoid wasting water by, if possible, cutting off the supply for the leaky pipe until you get it fixed.

Deal with the Spillage

As you know, damp areas are a magnet to mold growth. To prevent your home from being infested, be certain to dry the wetness completely as soon as you can.

Do a Temporary Fix

Now, for the fixing! You just need to clean up the pipe, dry it well and place a generous amount of epoxy putty over it. Let it sit for a while before opening the valve again.

For Property Restoration in Grimes

If the leak has caused a mold problem, or has ruined your walls, floors, etc., then ProRestore DKI in Grimes can help you out! We are experts in mold remediation, contents restoration, and water damage clean up, so call us at (888) 846-6505 to get your home back to normal.