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Documents You Should Protect During An Emergency

During an emergency, local authorities will demand you evacuate your home. It’s important to know what to do during this situation and to be prepared is the first step to stay safe.

At ProRestore DKI in Grimes, we already told you what an emergency kit should include. Yet, there are some important documents you should consider bringing with you. Just think about how much time and trouble will it take you to replace them?


Some areas are vulnerable to certain disasters. For example, Grimes is prone to floods. A good way to be prepared is getting insurance. Remember to check your coverage and create an inventory of all your valuable objects.

Emergency List

You have to be ready for any eventuality – like a serious injury. Keep in mind that your relatives and friends would like to know about your whereabouts. Make sure to prepare a list of people who should be contact in case of an emergency.

Irreplaceable Items

There are many items that have sentimental value and that makes irreplaceable. They may be difficult to include in your emergency kit; an option is to store them in a deposit box.


In a waterproof container include copies of the following documents: medical records, wills, insurance policy, social security numbers, bank records, vehicle titles and drivers licence.

Having these documents after an emergency can save you a lot of troubles, especially if your home or business suffered any damage.

If you are looking for property restoration in Grimes, the ProRestore DKI team of experts is highly qualified to handle any type of emergency using the latest technology!

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