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Dealing with Clogged Drains

Hairs, soap residue, garbage, and other disgusting gunk can stick together and clog our drains, making it very hard for us to use our showers, sinks, toilets and more. Not only that, but this smelly and disgusting annoyance can cause mold growth and water damage if it’s not treated as soon as possible. This is why, in this occasion, ProRestore DKI in Grimes would like to share a few ways in which you can dislodge the drains in your home.

How to Repair Clogged Drains

Pour Boiling Water Over It

First off, the easiest way to get rid of light blockage in your pipes, is to pour boiling water over it. Just turn on your kettle, boil water, flush it down the drain and wait for the clog to be eliminated.

Use the Plunger

It’s more than likely that you have a plunger at home, so use it appropriately. Just place duct tape over the drain (to force the blockage down the pipe) and plunge away until the path is clear.

Mix Baking Soda with It

Another home remedy to remove light barriers in your pipes, is to mix equal parts of baking soda and vinegar. Pour the fizzing result over the drain, wait for it to act, and flush it away with water.

Make Use of a Snake

A plumber’s snake that is! It’s basically a long wire with an attachment at the end that helps you pull or push the undesired gunk in your drain. Get one or make one yourself to use it at home.

Resort to Chemical Gels

Finally, if you’re dealing with heavy-duty blockage that requires strong action, you can buy chemical gels to unclog drains at the store. Just be careful and only use them as instructed.

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