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An Easy Guide to Patching a Hole on Your Wall!

We get it! Accidents happen all the time and some of them can result in an hole on your wall! Whether it happened because your kid was playing football inside, or the wall started giving in after some years, a hole on the wall is not only unsightly, but a huge pain as well!

So, in order to help you relieve the headache it gives you every time you see it, ProRestore DKI in Grimes has some guidelines you can follow to get rid of it once and for all!

Steps to Repair Your Wall

  1. Get Your Tools

Here’s what you’ll need: a repair patch in the appropriate size for the damaged area, some drywall compound, a trowel, sandpaper, a paintbrush, and paint in your walls’ current color!

  1. Clean Up and Prepare

First off, make sure you and your home is ready for the repair. This means getting your clothing protected, and the flooring or furniture covered up so the residue doesn’t dirty them up.

Then, prepare the area so it’s ready to be worked on! Make the hole as smooth as possible by removing any pieces that may be sticking out.

  1. Stick it On

Now, let’s start working! Take the repair patch and place it directly over the hole. You need to be certain that the hole is covered in its entirety by the patch.

  1. Fill It In

It’s time to take the trowel, get some drywall compound in there and smear it all across the repair patch until it is completely covered. Try to get the drywall as flat as possible by smoothing it over with the trowel!

  1. Let it Dry

Now comes the fun part! Waiting until the compound is dry so you can continue working. Give it time so there aren’t any mishaps later on!

  1. Make it Smoother

Again, you want the surface to be as similar as possible as that of the rest of the wall. You’ll need to take the sandpaper and rub it against the affected area until it’s smooth as can be!

  1. Paint it Over

Finally, so you’re not left with a patch of drywall compound on your wall, you’ll have to paint over it in the same color as the rest of your wall.

Nobody likes to have a hole in their wall! It makes your whole house look and feel dirty and uncared for! Luckily, by following these steps, you can take care of those small atrocities in a quick and easy manner.If the damage is a lot more severe than you originally thought, it may be time to call a professional team to do the job!

If you’re looking for property restoration in Grimes, ProRestore DKI is the company for you. We’re experts at construction services and at getting your home back to its glory days, so call (888) 846-6505 to get ProRestore DKI!