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What Our Customers Say

"Dear Dan:Your guys did great! They were very professional and helpful. I am very pleased with everything you have done. Once again, thank you so much for your help and I will tell anyone who will listen that your company is the one to call! "
"I called my insurance company and they immediately contacted your company. Robert Ball stated he would arrive to my home within an hour. He did….amazing!!!. I cannot say enough about the professionalism of your technicians…I had the feeling that every thing was going to be okay. In the afternoon on Saturday, I had reason to call Robert Ball, as I was concerned with my circuit breaker was tripping with the increased load created by drying equipment. Robert answered his phone…no voicemail…once again, amazing!! "
-Dan Brown
“I was impressed with everyone who cleaned our house – very friendly and hard workers.” 
- Connie Thingstad
“We are writing this letter of reference for ProRestore DKI because of our appreciation and amazement of the service they showed us with their new way of cleaning product. Everything ProRestore DKI has cleaned came back to the store smelling fresh and free of stains and marks. I foresee us utilizing this service in the future when we come across some good, used sports equipment that really smells but has the quality to be resold. I recommend this cleaning service to anyone who has involvement with sport activities. From teams to single families, this service works.”
-Denny - Owner, Play It Again Sports
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House fires are an eventuality that we wouldn’t wish upon our worst enemy! They’re scary, put your and your family’s well-being in danger, and then you have to deal with the aftermath. It’s because they have such destructive power that we should have a plan of action in case one occurs at our...
Natural disasters are most of the times unexpected and could have some unpleasant consequences. That’s why the authorities recommend us to be prepared and have emergency kits ready. But do we know exactly what they should contain? What are the essential items for any emergency?

Remember that the...
The Mississippi River starts in Minnesota and it crosses the country to its mouth in the Gulf of Mexico, which makes it the fourth longest river in the world. 

Floods are not a new thing in the midwest, there was a great flood back in 1951 which ended up with the construction of dikes to...
It’s all over the news that the unusual cold weather is due to a new word for everyone: Polar Vortex. Which basically is cyclone that descended from the north pole to break temperature records.

A dramatic example of this is that guy who threw boiling water at a -21 into the air to show how it will...